Company Offices

Head Office

KGK Diamonds (I) Private Limited
Mumbai – 400051, India
T: +91 22 4079 9999
Mr. Navrattan Kothari

[email protected]

[email protected]

Associated Companies

Sparkle Gems Inc
New York, USA
T: +1 212 279 1312
Mr. Vimal Patel
enquiry.diany[email protected]

KGK Diamonds (I) Private Limited / KGK Gems Pvt. Ltd.,
Mumbai, India 400 051
[email protected]
Mr. Dinesh Kothari

KGK Diamonds Singapore Pte Limited
Singapore 437932
[email protected]
Mr. Ankush Mehta

KGK Creations Pvt. Ltd.
Mumbai India
T:+91 22 3083 3333
Mr. Brajesh Kabra
[email protected]

KGK Creations (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Mumbai India
T: +91 22 2870 1508
Mr. Jitendra Jain
[email protected]

KGK Entice (India) Pvt. Ltd
T: +91 22 2870 1509
Mr. Prashant Surana
[email protected]

Company Summary

Headquartered in Mumbai and founded over 110 years ago, the KGK group is known worldwide for its unmatchable products, exemplary quality, international standards and its impeccable reputation. KGK has worldwide integrated downstream operations in 16 countries, covering manufacturing of diamonds and jewellery, marketing of diamonds and jewellery and retailing of jewellery.

Known worldwide for its commitment to delivering the finest quality diamonds in every size, shade and shape, KGK invests continually in technology and innovation to manufacture a dazzling array of exquisite jewellery for both domestic and export markets.

Core Business

  • Cutting & Polishing
  • Jewellery Manufacturing
  • Polished Sales
  • Rough Sales

Core Product/Type of Goods

  • Round, fancy & specialty products up to 10cts
  • All colors, clarities
  • Includes fancy cuts
  • Includes fancy colors
  • Wide range of jewelry
  • Jewellery Brands: Entice, Kiros


  • Diavik

Markets Served

he company has a sales presence in all major diamond markets including Belgium, Botswana, China, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan, Turkey, South Africa, Thailand, Taiwan, UAE and USA.  We cater to all kind of customers including national chain and department stores, international brands, independent stores, designer brands, jewellery manufacturers, wholesalers, catalogue houses, e-retailers, etc.

Special Notes

KGK Group offers Kanban inventory services, product label product and brand development, and marketing support for its customers. The philosophy of KGK’s business is to build credibility, trust and relationships with all stakeholders. Over the last century, these pillars have created a culture that unites our businesses, ensuring a consistent and sustainable approach to business. KGK’s growth across the diamond value chain is built on a foundation of strong corporate governance and business fundamentals.

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