Company Offices

Head Office

Sheetal Manufacturing Company
T: +91 22 61815300
F: +91 22 61815353
[email protected]
Key Contact Person
Bharat Kakadia, Director

Associated Companies

Sheetal Europe BVBA

Hong Kong
Sheetal (Far East)

Company Summary

Established in 1985, Sheetal Group is one of the world’s leading volume manufacturers of polished diamonds with an annual sales turnover of about US$ 600 million and 1.2 million polished carats. Sheetal is also one of the largest suppliers of natural colored Argyle polished diamonds (white, grey, cape to champagne diamonds). The company also provides its customers Argyle-provenance and Diavik-provenance tracking guarantee upon requirement.

Core Business

  • Cutting & Polishing
  • Jewellery Sales
  • Polished Sales
  • Rough Sales

Core Product/Type of Goods

  • Size range :0.01-10.00 cts
  • Parcels and single stones
  • All clarities
  • Colour: White, Brown, Yellow
  • Fancy Colours: Brown, Cape (Yellow) and Pink
  • Argyle Champagne Diamonds: C1-C7,(0.01-1.00 ct), VS-I3
  • Fancy Cuts
  • Jewellery Brands: Kiah, Bulaire, Sheetal


  • Diavik

Markets Served

Sheetal’s strong distribution network includes leading polished distributors, jewellery manufacturers and retailers serving key diamond markets—the USA, China and Middle East.

Special Notes

Sheetal has more than 600,000 sq. feet of diamond manufacturing infrastructure equipped with the most advanced diamond processing technologies. Sheetal is a certified member of the RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council).

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